Further Mechanics

Revision notes for unit 4 physics revision

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Force is the rate of change of momentum

  • Force is needed to change the velocity of an object
  • Momentum = mass * velocity = kg ms-1
    • vector quantity
  • Greater an objects momentum, the more force is needed to stop it.
  • 1N is the resultant force needed to cause a rate of change of momentum of 1kg ms-1
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Newton's Second law

  • the rate of change of momentum of an object is proportional to the resultant force on it
  • resultant force is proportional to the change of momentum per second
  • F=(m(v-u))/t
    • =ma
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Newton's First law

  • An object remains at rest or with constant motion unless acted on by a force
  • momentum is constant
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Area under force time group

  • Represents change in momentum (impulse)
  • Area = F * difference in time
    • impulse produced during time intervals.
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