Funtionalism view on Education AS


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Durkheim and Parsons: functions of education

  • Passing on society's culture
  • Provides a bridge between particularistic and ascribed status and the universalistic values
  • Provides a trained and qualified labour force
  • Selecting and allocating people to roles in a meritocratic society and legitimising social inequality
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Parsons: secondary socialisation

Parsons believes school = secondary socialisation, which involves;

  • instrumental relationships (relationships based on mutual gain)
  • social control
  • deferred gratification ( can't always get what you want)
  • transmission of cultural values
  • social solidarity
  • role allocation
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Davis and Moore


  • sets
  • leaving school at different ages

decides what jobs thay do and which social class they are in


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norms and values - family more influential

meritocratic - private schools

qualified labour force - dependant on job and qualificationd needed

role selction and allocation - doesnt always happen and people get left behind

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