Human Growth & Development

Health, social and E.Y workers need to know about different ways people grow and develop during their lives. This unit is all about the process of human growth and development and the different factors that can affect an individual's experience.

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What are the LIFE STAGES and their years?

1. Infancy 0-3 2. Childhood 4-10

3. Adolescence 11-18 4. Adulthood 19-65

5. Later Adulthood 65+

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Define Growth

Growth is the body developing into a different life stage.

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Define Development

Development is the mind and physical features growing into the different life stages.

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What are PIES?

P-Physical I- Intelluctual E- Emotional S-Social

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What is Self Concept?

The mental and conceptual awareness one holds of himself. Includes: physical, psychological, and social attributes.

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What four types of relationships are there?

Family, Freindships, Intimate Personal and Sexual Relationships & Working relationship

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What is bonding?

A close personal relationship that forms between people.

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Name three reasons why bonding is important for in

1. It builds their confidence. 2. It shows you can be trusted. 3. Builds trusts.

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What is a role model?

A person who serves as an example, whose behaviour is emulated by others.

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What is a sense of self?

The sense of self is a key construct in several schools of psychology, broadly referring to the cognitive representation of one's identity

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What is self-esteem?

How you feel about yourself – how you feel about who you are, the way you act, and how you look. When a person does not think too highly of themselves, he is said to have low self-esteem.

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Define Family

A family is a social group made up of people who are 'related' to each other.

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What types of support are avialable for people who

  • Family support
  • Medical Support; Therapists etc
  • Peer Support; freinds, work collegueas
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these are good notes but they could do with more on each slie as if i were to print them off it would be a bit of a waste of paper

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