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forces - speed

  • speed is a measurement of how quickly an object moves.
  • the faster an object moves the greater its speed.
  • mph
  • km/h
  • m/s
  • speed(m/s) =distance(m)/time(s)
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forces- floating & sinking

  • If an object isn't moving then the forces must be equal.
  • if something is floating then the upthrust and the gravity must be equal.
  • If gravity is stronger than upthrust then the object will sink.
  • If a liquid is more dense then an object will float easily. E.G. water is less dense than oil so the upthrust is less in water.
  • density = mass/volume
  • If an object is more dense than the liquid it is put in it will sink.
  • adding salt will make a liquid more dense
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