Forces and Pressure

Revision Cards on Forces and Pressure. Designed for KS3 years. 

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Reducing Pressure

To reduce ones pressure one would increase thier surface area. How it works, if you increase your surface area then the same weight is pulling down on a larger area so each sqaured centimeter of the surface area has less force exerted on it.

If you step on your tip toes then you will be exerting more pressure on the floor. So it works the other way too, if you lie on your back then you will be exerting less pressure on that part of the floor.

Inverse and direct relationships

An inverse relationship is where if something rises then its linked relation falls. e.g. If the surface area rises then the pressure sinks.

The same works for a direct relationship too, but instead as by the name it is direct. If one variable rises then its linked relation sinks. e.g. If ones mass rises then their pressure will rise as well.

An example of pressure

Imagine a cheese kinfe cutting through some cheese, there are large amounts of pressure and a very small surfact area.

A pin has a very small surface area and if a large amount of force is put behind it will have huge pressure.

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