Food poisoning bacteria

The types of bacteria

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The symptoms of salmonella are a fever and headaches.    The onset time is between six to fourty eight hours.    This bacteria is found in raw meat, poultry and eggs.    To control it you should wash hands before preparing food and going to the toilet.    Salmonella is readily killed by heat, so therefore food should be cooked well. 

Another type is Listeria.    The symptoms include vomiting and nausea.   The onset time is from a few days to a few weeks.  To control the spread of listeria you should make sure there is good stock rotaion in chill cabinets.   Food which are susceptible are pasteurised and raw mik, soft cheese and ice cream. 

E Coli is also another common type of food poisoning bacteria.   The symptoms are abdominal pains and in serious cases kidney failure.   The onest time is between twelve and fourteen hours. This bacteria is found in water contaminated by sewege, soft cheese and chicken.   For control you should ensure safe sewege disposal.    It is killed above temperatures of fifty five degrees. 

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