Biology y8


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Food and digestion

Digestion: the process of breaking down food stuffs

Ingestion:The process of taking a material into the mouth or the body

Absorption: The physical process of taking small food molecules into an organisms cells

Egestion:The process of expulsion of undigested food material from the digestive tract via the anus as faeces

Enzyme: a chemiacal which helps dissolve food, found in spit, so it can make food soluable.

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Micro-organisms- they need sugars, proteins, lipids, water and vitamins and minerals to grow

Bacteria and virus



  • Makes yeast (bread)
  • yogurt
  • composting


  • Causes illness,infection and disease
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Fighting disease

White blood cells: destroy killer cells

  • B-cells release antibodies which neutralise viruses and bacteria
  • Some eat bacteria and digest them
  • memory cells remember previous diseases and prevent re-infection.


  • TB
  • Tetanus
  • MMR
  • yellow disease
  • Flu
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