Floating Point Representation

Floating Point Representation

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Floating Point to Deanery

  • Work out the exponent value in deanery
  • From where the point was floated move it the amount of places identified by the exponent
  • Add column headings and work out the value now with the new (implied) decimal point

8 Bit Mantissa 4 Bit Exponent

01101110 0101

Exponant is 5


Move the point 5 places right


Work its value now which is...27.5

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Deanery to Floating Point

  • Find the positive binary value
  • If its negative, invert and add 1 to the right most column
  • Normalise by taking of the excess 1's and adding them on the end as 0's
  • Float the point
  • Work out how many places the point moved, turn that number into a 4 bit binary code which is the exponent







1.0000000 moved -5 places so exponent 1011 which is minus 5 in binary using twos complement

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