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Abstract class
a base class that is never used to create objects directly
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Abstract data type
a collection of data with associated operations
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a hardware device that receives a signal from a computer and adjusts the setting of a controlling device
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Alpha testing
testing of software in-house by dedicated testers
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the data items of a class
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Base case
an explicit solution to a recursive function
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Beta testing
testing of software by a limited number of chosen users before general release
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Binary file
a file designed for storing data to be used by a computer program
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Binary search
repeated checking of the middle item in an ordered search list and discarding the half of the list which does not contain the search item
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the result of applying an encryption algorithm to data
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Combinational circuit
a circuit in which the output is dependent only on the input values
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a special type of method that is called to create a new object and initialise its properties
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a relationship in which one class has a component that is of another class type
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Critical path
the longest possible continuous pathway from Start to Finish
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the result of an activity, such as a document or a report
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Enumerated data type
a list of possible data values
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Finite state machine (FSM)
a machine that consists of a fixed set of possible states with a set of inputs that change the state and a set of possible outputs
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Floating-point representation
a representation of real numbers that stores a value for the mantissa and a value for the exponent
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General case
a definition of a recursive function in terms of itself
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all properties and methods of the base class are copied to the subclass
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Integration testing
individually tested modules are joined into one program and tested to ensure the modules interact correctly
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the subroutines of a class
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a scheduled event signifying the completion or submission of a deliverable
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an element of a list
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Null pointer
a pointer that does not point at anything
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an instance of a class
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instruction-level parallelism
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data before encryption
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a variable that stores the address of the node it points to
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the method behaves differently for different classes in the hierarchy
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Process control block (PCB)
a complex data structure containing all data relevant to the running process
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a program in memory that has an associated process control block
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a set of rules for data transmission which are agreed by sender and receiver
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Record data type
a data type that contains foxed number of components, which can be of different types
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Recursive routine
a function or procedure defined in terms of itself
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Repeating group
a set of attributes that have more than one set of values when the other attributes each have a single value
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a hardware device that measures a property and transmits a value to a controlling computer
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Sequential circuit
a circuit in which the output depends on the input values and the previous output
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Start pointer
a variable that stores the address of the first element of a linked list
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State-transition diagram
a diagram that describes the behaviour of an FSM
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State-transition table
a table that gives information about the states of an FSM
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Symbol table
: a data structure in which each record contains the name and attributes of an identifier
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part of a process being executed
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Virtual memory
a paging mechanism that allows a program to use more memory addresses than are available in main memory
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