Fitness testing

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For test results to be accurate we must ensure that the test is valid. This means that the test needs to measure what it's suppose to.

If we conduct a test to measure co-ordination but it doesn't really measure co-ordination, it measures agility then this test is not valid.

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For tests to be reliable the results given must be consistent (the same or very similar results given over 2 or 3 tests).

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Testing cardiovascular endurance

12 minute cooper run

The performer runs as far a distance as possible in 12 minutes. The aerobic capacity can then be checked using norm tables.

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Testing muscular endurance

One minute maximums

The performer completes as many repetitions of a particular exercise as possible in one minute.

  • Press-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Squat thrusts
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Testing strength

Grip dynamometer

Squeeze the grips together to measure your strength.

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Testing power

Vertical jump

  • Measure your stretched height and make a mark
  • Jump as high as possible and make another mark
  • Measure the difference between the two marks
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Testing flexibility

Sit and reach

  • Place your feet against the bench
  • Keep your legs straight
  • Reach forward as far as possible
  • Hold for 3 seconds
  • Record your result
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Testing agility

Illinois agility test

Lie face down at the start. On the command 'go', jump up and complete the course as quickly as possible. Record your time.

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Testing speed

30m dash

  • On a 30m marked out running surface, sprint as fast as possible between the marked lines
  • The sprint must be accurately measured from the start to the finish line
  • Record the time and work out your speed in m/s
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Testing reaction time

Ruler drop test

  • Get your partner to hold the ruler standing above you
  • Place your preferred arm out straight with your fingers open
  • Catch the ruler as soon as it drops
  • Record the point at which you caught it
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Testing balance

Balance beam test

Walk across a 10cm wide beam

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Testing balance

Balance beam test

Walk across a 10cm wide beam.

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Testing co-ordination

Alternative hand wall throw

  • Stand 2m from a wall
  • Throw the ball with the right hand and catch with the left
  • Then do the reverse
  • Record the number of successful catches in 30 seconds
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Testing body composition

Skinfold caliper

Take a pinch of skin and read the measurements of:

  • Waist
  • Front upper arm
  • Rear upper arm
  • The back below the shoulder blance
  • The medial calf
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