Factors that influence the choice of research methods.

They state the factors that influence the choice of research methods.

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Practical issues

  • Time and money

different methods require different amounts of time and money.

Large scale surveys= more money

Small scale survey= less money but takes longer to complete

  • Requirements of funding bodies

Funding bodies may require a specific method to be used. i.e educational achievement on pass rates would have to be in the form of quantitative data.

  • Personal skills and characteristics

Each researchers have different skills. These skills influence what method is used. i.e sociable person may prefer doing participantobservations.

  • Subject matter

Difficulty in studying a particular group. i.e a male sociologist studying a female group in aparticipant observation.

  • Research opportunity

The opportunity of carrying out a research arises unexpectedly. This means structured methods usually cannot be used due to lack of time to prepare.

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