Reaching a verdict A2 Studies

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    • PERSUADING  a jury:
      • PENNINGTON & HASTIE - Effect of memory structure on judgement and effect of order of testimony.
      • CUTLER - Effect of expert witness on jury perception of eyewitness testimony.
      • PICKEL - Effect of instructions to disregard inadmissable evidence.
    • WITNESS appeal:
      • CASTELLOW - Effect of physical attractiveness on jury verdicts.
      • PENROD & CUTLER - Effect of witness confidence on juror's assessment of eyewitness evidence.
      • ROSS - Impact of protective shields and videotape testimony on conviction rates. Effect on children giving evidence.
    • REACHING a verdict:
      • HASTIE - Stages and influences on decision-making.
      • ASCH - Power of majority influence and conformity.
      • NEMETH & WACHTLER - Invesitigation of influence of perceived autonomy on minority influence.


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