External factors - Tourism

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What is an external factor?

something unrelated to tourism which affects tourist numbers

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  • weak exchange rate  -  you will lose money  -  bad
  • strong exchange rate  -  you will gain money  -  good
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  • terrorist threats - people will be worried for their safety so are unlikely to visit - bad
  • no recent incidents - people will feel safe going there so are more likely to visit - good
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Economic Activity

  • expanding economy - more money means more facilities are being updated and becoming safer - good
  • recession / rising unemployment - not as much money around so facilities may become run down - bad
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Media Coverage

  • good publicity campaign - people are encouraged by the ativities that are publisied so they go there - good
  • bad reports / tourist incidents - gives a bad impression to other tourists so they don't visit - bad
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Natural Hazards

  • no known hazards or recent hazards - people will feel confident and safe going there - good
  • recent or known hadards - people wont feel safe going there and they will be worried - bad
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  • stable political situation - no wars, people will feel confident that the government would be able to aort out any issues - good
  • unstable political situation - wars, people wont have confidence in the government - bad
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  • hard to get permission to ener a country - will take a long time and cost lots of money  bad
  • easy to get a visa to enter a counry - quick and easy, appeals to people - good
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