Explain George Milton

English Literature

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Explain George Milton

- He is small but has brains and quick wit

- Good friends with Lennie and he has to look after him as he promised Lennie's aunt Clara that he would.

- He threats to leave Lennie but never would because then he would be lonely.

- He shares a dream with Lennie about owning a piece of land and he prepared to work hard to buy it.

- He is honest with people he trusts, an example would be... He tells slim he used to play tricks on Lennie when they were young, but now he feels guilty about it as Lennie nearly drowned.

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Explain Lennie Small

- He is a big man, in contrast to his name

- He has limited intelligence, so he relies on Georgie to look after him. He copies George in everything he does and trusts him completely.

- Lennie wants to tend rabbits within his and Georges dream.

- He likes to pet soft things like puppies and dead mice.

- He can be very forgetful, George is always reminding him of important things.

- He is very gentle and kind, he would hurt anyone or anything deliberatley. 

- He is often described as a child or a horse.

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