Of Mice And Men short charachter essays

Essays on the characters in Of Mice And Men, four paragraphs on George and Lennie, Three on Candy, Crooks and Curley's wife, one on the others. Also a bit written on themes as a bonus.

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English Revision: Essays for key "Of Mice and Men" characters

George Milton

George Milton's name is interesting. It is not as clearly connected to his character as Crook's or (Lennie)
small's name. Could it be linked to the English poet John Milton, author of Paradise Lost, describing the
fall of…

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the triumph of innocence of knowledge, of naivety of cynicism. While this is of course reversed later, it is
still a very interesting part of the novel.

Lennie Small

We learn that Lennie, as well as being unintelligent, has very little knowledge of the past. George
chastises Lennie as he…

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known for many years. Finally, the other men's ignorance of him could represent the point at which he is
demoted in the ranch's hierarchy from "standard ranch worker"- like George, Whit and Carlson- to
"shunned minority"- like Lennie, Crooks and Curley's Wife.

The reader is shown Candy's excitement at the…

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kindly, or treated him as an equal. Therefore, rather than showing that cruelty comes from the weak
rather than the powerful, as this book had often been interpreted as showing, perhaps it shows instead
that the weak act as a conduit of cruelty from the powerful to the even weaker.…

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desire for revenge after Lennie broke his hand during the fight in the bunkhouse. Finally, and perhaps
most surprisingly, we can see that he does not love his wife very much- he seems not to be at all
concerned about her murder, apart from as an excuse to get back…

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last chapter. We can tell that George has no hope of escaping this tragic existence; and yet, it is his own,
albeit forced, actions that eventually lead to it.

We can also see how loneliness has affected Crooks, the crippled, black stable buck. "I tell ya, a guy gets

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