English Lit - "Of mice and men" - In depth analysis of George

Lol! Sorry this one took so long :) I'll do the rest of the characters later tonight, I should have most of them done tonight.. if I don't im sooo sorry, I have to do all of a view from the bridge too lol! (For those just reading this one, I have done an in depth study of Lennie too!) Good Luck in your exams!

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George Milton
George's character

Quick witted and intelligent
He is often cautious
He loves the harmony of the natural world
Cunning and clever
He is aware of the hardship of life
He takes on responsibility of Lennie
He is not entirely blameless for the events that occur
George knows his…

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He immediately checks the bunks and sees the insect repellent `he studied the label
He tells Lennie `You jus' stand there and don't say nothing' when he must know this will draw
suspicion to them
He takes Carlson's `luger' and blames it on Lennie, meaning the ranchers have an…

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"I'll give you a pup"- Tries to make sure Lennie is always happy and has what he wants
"I want you to stay with me" ­ He loves Lennie as a friend and wants him to be safe and
He is the one to pull the "trigger" and kill…




Have you got an analysis of Curley?

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