Exam Preparation


Section A, Part A

  • Think about the bigger picture, do not closely analyse. 
  • Voice
  • Form (poem? novel?)
  • Structure
  • It is essential to 'pin down' the story at the very start 
  • Why is it a key event & where does it occur?
  • What is the overall structure of the passage?
  • What is its chronology?
  • What kind of text am i dealing with?
  • What voices are at work? 
  • What is the time and place setting?
  • What relevant uses of language are there?
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Section A, Part B

  • Question is set up as a debate
  • You are there to discuss the interpretation offered 
  • Show the variety of readings that can come about


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Section B

  • You must have an even spread of all  three texts
  • No need to compare texts
  • If doing poetry, 2 poems is fine; for long poems, one is sufficient 
  • No need to quote critics - but you must show there is more than one of responding to a text
  • Band six will;
  • focus on the task
  • make relevent use of apt references
  • evaluate writers' methods 
  • have sophisticated expression
  • be shaped as an arguement 
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