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Family diversity

Examine the ways in which government policies and laws may affect the nature and extent of family diversity (24 marks)

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Assess the Marxist view that the main role of the family is to serve the interests of capitalism (24 marks)

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Divorce rate

Examine reasons for the changes in divorce rate since 1969

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Assess the contribution of feminist sociologists to an understanding of family roles and relationships ( 24 marks)

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Marriage and cohabitation

Examine the reasons for the changes in patterns of marriage and cohabitation in the last 40 years or so ( 24 marks )

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child centred

Assess the view that the modern family has become more child centred (24 marks)

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Death rate

Examine reasons for and consequences of the fall in death rate since 1900 (24 marks)

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Family functions

Assess the view that, in today's society the family is losing its functions ( 24 marks)

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Birth rates

Examine the reasons for the changes in birth rates and family size since 1900 ( 24 marks)

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roles in relationships

Assess the view that gender roles and relationships have become more equal in modern family life ( 24 marks)

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