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General Facts

  • Euthanaisa is illegal in many countries including the UK
  • It is legal in Switzerland and the Netherlands where a charity called dignitas can assist you in dying 
  • The word Euthanaisa means "to die well" or with dignity
  • It's the act of when you deliberatly end a persons life beacuse they have a poor quality of life.
  • Can be called " Mercy Killing"
  • In Britain it is too illlegal to assit in ending a persons life
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Types Of Euthanaisa

Types Of Euthanaisa:

  • Involuntary- When a person is too sick so they can't make the decsion for themself, therefore the family must decide. EXAMPLE - turning off a life support machine for someone in a coma.
  • Voluntary- When a person , often in extreme pain, chooses to be assisted in ending their life. EXAMPLE- Leathal Injection
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Catholic Beliefs

The Catholic Church believes Euthanasia is wrong. In it's declaration on Euthanaisa, published in 1980, it taught that no one has the right to end ones life it is a rejection of God's plan of Love.

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Arguments For

Arguments For Euthanasia:

  • A person should be able to choose for themselves to die with dignity
  • A person has the right to bring an end to unbearable suffering, by ending their life
  • A gentle death with dignity spares relatives and friends from watching a loved one die in much pain
  • Prolonging a life unecessarily, of someone who has a poor quality of life, is a waste of medical resources, which could be used on the curable
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Arguments Against

Arguments Afainst Euthanasia:

  • A person can be helped to die with dignity with the right pallative medical care.
  • It places a heavy burden on medical staff , and families, to make life and death decsions
  • It puts pressure on an old person to their life if they believe that they are a burden to their family.
  • For those who believe in God, they believe life is sacred. Only God has the right to decide whether someone lives or dies.
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