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Quality of life

There must be enough happiness, dignity and independence to make life worth living 

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Tony Niklinson

He had locked in syndrome and wanted the choice to end his life. He couldn't do anythning for himself and felt that life was not worth living. He was very distressed. 

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The slippery slope argument

The idea that if euthanasia was legalised, it would open the gates for murdering the most vulnerable in society

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Situation Ethics

A few liberal Christians might apply this Christian ethical theory to euthanasia and ask "what is the most loving thing to do in this situation?"

The most loving thing to do  might be to help someone to die because they are suffering and have no more quality of life. Jesus said 'love thy neighbour' and helping someone to die who is in terrible pain is an act of real love. 

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"Do not kill"

Most Christians believe that helping someone to die breaks this commandment from God. It is killing, even if done for loving reasons.Therefore it is never right. 

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God has a plan

This is the idea that God has a plan for all of us, we should trust in him. Even if faced with an awful disease, we should trust God's love for us and all will be well. Don't throw life away. 

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The sanctity of life

The sanctity of life is the idea that every human life is precious because it comes from God. Human life must not be destroyed. 

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It's my life, my choice

Many non-religious people argue that euthanasia is individual choice. We should be allowed to make the decision to end our own life if we want to. Holy books and church doctrines are not relevant, they have no business interfering with my decision about my life 

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Hospices and palliative care

Hospices give excellent end-of-life care (palliative care).

They are an alternative to euthanasia. Specially trained staff can ease suffering and make the end of life a comfortable experience 

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Humanist 'Dignity in Dying' campaign

Humanists campaign to make voluntary euthanasia legal. They argue that it is only right that we respect the wishes of people at the end of their lives, giving them the pain-free and dignified death that they deserve. I

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Is euthanasia legal?

Voluntary euthanasia - usually called  assisted suicide - is not legal in the U.K. Assisted suicide is when you are helped to die, for example, a doctor gives you a lethal injection. It is legal in some countries like Swizerland (the dignitas clinic)

If someone is very seriously ill and they are on a life support machine and there are no signs of life, the life support machine can be switched off. Doctors, families and judges are involv in the decision. This is called involuntary euthanasia. 

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My opinion: should CHRISTIANS support euthanasia?

Look at the Christian arguments on both side. 

Which side is stronger and why? 

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My opinion: What do I think about euthanasia?

Look at all the religious and non-religious arguments on each side. 

Weigh up the issue, what do you think? Do you think assisted suicide should be legal/allowed?

Why? Which for you is the strongest argument? 

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