Blabe in media

Portrayed with negative characteristics

Postal workers

Usally filler characters

Not important- we dont see their back stories in films

Asians are seen as 'bad drivers' or 'academcially intelligent'

Muslims are associated with violence- girls are being discriminated because of clothing and wearing hijabs. 

Malala- shot in the head after fighting for education rights. 

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Marshall McLuhan: Devloped Innis' ideas and applied them to media. 'The medium is the message.' Nature of the media influences society structure more than content or messages the media converys. ' the eltronic media is creating a gloval village'

Harold Innis: Hieroglyphics cannot be easily transported- poor ways of keeping in touch with distant places.

Sterotype: A simplified or generalised view of the charactersitics of a social group. A sterotype does not allow for individuals to divergences between members of the group. EXAMPLE Dumb blondes, camp gay men. 

Hotel babacon: Basic jobs nobody wants. 

Multicutlural society: A society which have different languages and lifestyles. 

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