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Teacher Racism - Labelling


-Black and Asian pupils seen as non ideal.

  • Black: G+Y - teachers had racialised expectations, worse behaved so they're quicker to discipline black pupils for same behaviour as others. Racial steroetypes which are misinterpreted as threatening, led to higher exclusions so underachieve 1/5 that are excluded get 5 GCSE's. More likely lower sets
  • Asian: Cecile wright - victims of negtaive labelling, teachers had ethnocentric views, assumed they wouldn't understand the english left them - isolated. Seen as a problem that can be ignored, girls margianlised.
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Pupil Responses


- Studied group of year 11 black girls in London comprehensive school, most girls low sets but high achievers. Reject negative labels channelled anger baout being labelled into success, didn't seek approval of racist teachers friends with lower set black girls.


- Studied students who didn't accept their negtaive labels, repsond differs based on ethnic group, gender and former school, label doesnt produce SFP.


- Teachers discourgaed blacks from being ambitious from advice gave about careers and option choices. Avoided teachera with negative attitudes - get on with own work restricted their opportunities still.

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- Boy's secondary school teachers had stereotype of black machismo - black boys rebellious, anti-school. More likely excluded. 4 ways respond to stereotype:

  • rebels: small group, black, reject rules, gangs antischool, dont like white boys.
  • conformists: largest, keen to succeed, multicultural groups, accept rules.
  • retreatists: minority of isolated individuals, black subcultures, rebels dont like.
  • innovators: second largest, pro-education;anti-school, valued success not approval of teachers.

Biggest factor still external - gangs.

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Pupil Identity


- Teacher's dominate discourse defined how ethnic pupils indentified themselves.

    • Ideal pupil identity - white, m/c, normal sexuality, achieve naturally.
    • Pathologised pupil identity - asian, oppressive sexuality, seen as over ahciver through hard work, not naturally.
    • Demonised pupil identity - black/white w/c, unintelligent, peer-led, culturally deprived under achiever.

- Chinese: pathologised and abnormal if suceed, achieve wrong way via success, not sean as ideal pupil not natural, if em achieves its over achieving. 

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Ethnocentric curriculum


Ethnocentric: curriculum that reflects one dominant group.

  • Language - teach eu languages, french, spanish
  • Literature and music - british
  • History - british ignores black and asian history.

Multiculturalism is means of making ehtnic minorities think they're included but they're not - tokenism one black history day e.g.

Culture clash: Bourdieu cultural capital - equal chance in education but culture is british so don't.

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Selection and Segregation

Negative sterotypes affect school admissions, marketisation gives schools more scope to select pupils, allows negative sterotypes to influence decisions about school admissions.

Commision of racial equality:

- reports from primary that minority pupils are sterotyped.

- racist bias in interviews for school places.

- lack of info and application form in minority languages.

- minority parents unaware how waiting list works and miss deadlines.

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Gillian Evans

To understand relationship between ethnicity and achievement need to look at how ethncity interacts with gender and class. Looking at black children focuses on ethnicity not class, whites focus on class, need to look at all three for each child.

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External factors: material deprivation

  • Guy palmer:
    • 1/2 em live in low income households; 1/4 whites.
    • em 2x more likely to be unemployed than whites.
    • 3x more likely to be homeless than whites.
  • Poor diets become ill off school - underachieve.
  • Em more likely free school meals.
  • Live in economically deprived areas high unemployment low wages.
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External Factors: cultural deprivation

  • Moynihan - black families headed by lone parent mothers, children deprived of care struggle finacially - male breadwinner. boys lack role models, inadequately socialised - fail at school bad parents themselves.
  • Sewell - boys subject to anti-school peer pressure turn to gangs do bad as socialisted and attitudes. Lack of father figure lack of tough love turn to gangs. Asian befit from supportive families positive work ethic. Lupton respectful behaviour from asians support school policy.
  • Berieriter and Engelmann - low income blacks language inadequate for success. EAL struggle held back.

EVALUATION: EAL held back - Mirza said Indian pupils do well despite not always speaking english at home.

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