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  • Population in china is 1.351 billion
  • Population in UK is 63.23 million
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Bad smog problem

  • Most dangerous pollution particles were more than 20 times the international recognised safe limit
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  • Accused of discharging pollutants
  • Focusing on output rather than environmental issues
  • Claiming it had a tough code of conduct for all its supply firms
  • 100 workers were contaminated at one Chinese plant
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Greenpeace and textile firms

  • Big textile retailers such as Adidas, Abercrombie and Fitch and H&M
  • Using suppliers that are polluting Chinese rivers with banned chemcials
  • Due to lack of environment regulations in China
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Cancer Villages

  • Shangba, a city in southern Guangdong province
  • River flows through town changes from white to a startling shade of orange
  • Due to varing types of industrial effluent
  • " All the fish died, even chickens and ducks that drank from the river died"
  • Last year alone six people died from cancer
  • Chemicals and heavy metals banned in other countries are found throughout China
  • "Some serious cases of health and social problems like the emergence of cancer villages in individual regions
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