English - paper 2 features of writing styles.

features of writing styles.

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Writing to persuade.

political speeches,advertising, leaflets ect

  • hyperbole( exaggeration)
  • power of 3 
  • anecdotes
  • 1st person personal pronouns (ie. you)
  • rhetorical questions

 sometimes has pictures uses facts to back up opinions.

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Writing to argue.

political leaflets, consumer info, debate writing ect

  • shows knowledge of both sides of arguement (not biaste)
  • promotes one side and counter- argues the other
  • uses many of the features of persuasive writing.

if your writing to argue you need different view points and you need to back up your answer. (example; i think this because ... however on the other hand this ... is a highlight or a downfall of the arguement)

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Writing to analyse.

essays , bootball pundits ect...


  • ( formal or slang- effects age range, complexaty of word vocabulury, topic chosen- gender!, sentance lengths- longer for older people punctuation)

usualy in extended writing form (lots of paragraphs)

  • has clear opinion
  • formal language style
  • often an adult audience
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Writing to inform.

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Writing to review.

reviews, tv guides, travel writing gives facts clearly about item reviewed (sometimes using text boxes or bullet points) opinion on how good it is, is often at end formal style but changes for audience written in paragraphs says what is good and bad in clear honest way

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Writing to comment.

editorials in newspapers ect...

gives there opinion without trying to convince you to think the same.

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Writing to advise.

clear writing to advice to be understood uses modle verbs ( could, should , try)

  • often uses first person
  • often uses personal pronoun (you ect)
  • gives helpful facts/contacts ect

writing is confident so reader can trust opinion

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