English Paper 1 Section A

These cards are for anyone sitting a WJEC English paper in May

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Locating and Retrieving Information

  • Ask you to locate and retrieve information from the text
  • Test your ability to spot relevant deatails
  • Usually phrased in one of two ways:
    • What clues or details can you find to prove or show something?
    • What evidence can you find to prove or show something?
  • You can list your answer in Bullet Points
  • You don't have to use PEE (Point, Evidence. Explanation)
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Personal Response

  • Asks you to make personal comments on the passage ypu have just read
  • Focuses on a character, relationship or place
  • Usually phrased in one of three ways:
    • What do you learn about a character or relationship
    • What impressions do you get of a character, or a relationship or a place
    • What are your thoughts and feelings about a character, relationship or place
  • You have to be able to use PEE and inference to answer these questions
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Character Response Questions

  • Requires you to show your understanding of a character's thoughts, feelings or actions
  • Approach the question with a clear sense of sequence
  • Usually phrased in one of four ways:
    • What are the characters thoughts or feelings?
    • What is going through the character's mind?
    • How does a character react, behave or change?
    • Why does a character act or behave in a certain way?
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The Craft of the Writer

  • Usually phrased in one of four ways:
    • How does the writer convey, create, make or suggest?
    • What happens in these lines? How and why do you react to what happens?
    • How effective is the ending?
    • What are your thoughts and feelings as you read these lines?
  • Use PEE
  • These questions are some of the hardest, so try to be empathetic with the author, and study closely what effect the techniques used, e.g. allitteration might affect you as a reader
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Empathetic Response

  • Also appear in the English Literature exam
  • Require you to imagine that you are a character in a story and to give that character's version of events
  • You may be asked to write in the form of a diary
  • Think about these key points as you write:
    • What does the character know?
    • What would be important to that character?
    • How would the character react to these events?
    • What language or 'voice' would this character use, there's no use using an extended vocablary for a 5-year-old boy...
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