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  • Description of how someone struggles to give birth and likens it to the struggle to becoem seperate.
  • A tug- of- war with the umbilical cord.
  • Still a struggle between mother & daughter when she is older & asks to skate for longe
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Cold Knap Lake

  •  A small child watches as her mother pulls a drowned child from a lake & describes how her mother ressusitates her.
  • She  goes with her father to take the drowned girl back home, here the child is ' thrashed' for almost drowning.
  • This could be because her parents where overcoem with worry at hearing this news or that they where angry at her for putting herself in danger
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The song of the old mother

  • Describes how parents work hard all their lives for their children, but the children never appreciate this.
  • They only have to worry about the luxories of life, e.g how they look
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The affliction of Margaret

  • Describes how parents will never stop worrying about their children
  • They want to know whats happening to them even if it is bad
  • It's better to know that somethign bad has happened to your child than sitting around and wondering
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