Neutral Tones

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  • English Literature Poetry. Neutral Tones.
    • Themes: Pain, Loss, Death, Bitterness, Anger and Nature
    • Compare With: Winter Swans, When We Two Parted and Farmers Bride
      • It is a poem about a painful memory close to the end of an relationship. It is told from the viewpoint of the poet and has a bitter and resentful tone.
        • The poem is structured in 4 regular quartians. This suggests highly reflective, controlled thought.
          • The poem has a circular structure, ending where it began, beside the pond. This shows how he is struggling to move on.
            • Colour is the central motif of the poem. This is clearly indicated in the title. But it also features throughout the poem it begins white and gray both neutral tones and then changes to god crust suggesting angry and then back to gray showing that he has left with an unresolved emotion
              • The poem uses a semantic field of death and lifelessness. Imagery suggesting death appears throughout the poem
                • The poet uses a series of opposites to present the relationship.
                  • Key Quotes: The sun was white as though chidden by God, Starving Sod, smile the deadest thing.


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