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  • ozymandias
    • Percy Bysshe Shelley
      • Famous English Literature Poet. He wrote the poem.
        • known for writing romantic poems.
      • Got expelled from University because of writing about atheism.
        • His father disinherited him.
    • what is Ozymandias?
      • sonnet
        • 14 line poem
      •  It is about meeting a traveller who told him a story about the broken statue laying in the desert. 
        • Although the statue was broken in to pieces there was an expression of anger seen on the face. .
          • It shows the order of the emperor Ozymandias. The poem is about the remains of a statue of ozymandias, which is another name for the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II
    • When
      • The poem was first written in 1817 just after Christmas. It was then published in January 1818.
    • why
      • it happened because of a competition between Shelley and his friend Horace Smith.
    • social context
      • Shelley then got married at the age of 19 with his bride being 16. 
        • They moved places and he still continued to write.
          • He then travelled with another woman who he then married after the death of his first wife.
            • Shelley drowned at sea during a trip to Italy.
              • Shelley was described as 'radical' and so people think that ozymandias reflects that side of his character.


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