English literature GCSE , Paddy Clarke HA HA HA

Basic notes on the novel by Roddy Doyle.

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1.Growing up

  • Although Paddy remains 10 years old throughout the book, he undergoes a transformation from innocent, naive child to acting as the man of the house.
  • the set pieces capture the innocence of Paddy and transport the reader back to thier own childhood.
  • Paddys role as the eldestchild in the family is important to him, gets special priviledges.
  • Hates his brother at the begining but grows more sentimental towards him, realises his role as the eldest.
  • At the begining he is very inocent - Father Damien, Jelly Fish, Gorege Best.
  • Later on his innocence is affected by growing awareness of his family conflict, his confusement is clear when he hears the smack.
  • Relationships with friends darker too, beginns to resent Kevin, becomes fascinated with Charles.
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