English Language Paper 1 Section A

Reading non-Fiction and media text's

1 hour = Section A Paper 1

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Criteria For Section A: What to do?

  • Analyze and compare writer's use of language and presentational devices (Why has this been used, how do i know this,what might this suggest?)
  • Identify FACTS and OPINIONS and explain how they are used 
  • Understand the text and pick out specific information and quotes
  • Follow the writers argument and understand how its constructed
  • How does the language used link to the purpose of the text or meet its target audience
  • Tone the writer is trying to set - what he feels or what he wants the reader to feel - How language is used to do this..?
  • How presentational features link to purpose and target the audience
  • Work out TAP (explore how effective they are through language used and how they achieved this...)
  • How does the writer support his views e.g through statics, use of anecdotes etc.
  • Any weaknesses in the argument that are not backed up by evidence
  • Identify 3 facts and opinions 
  • Comment on layout,structure
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Criteria For Section A: What to do?

Reading non-Fiction and media text's

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Great :)


what grade would this get me ?


kinda rubbish........... slide 2 is incomplete


slide one is very good :) but think that slide 2 needs a bit more work :P

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