English Language Glossary - A

Features of English Language 




The pronounciation of words, regional accents include Cockney and Geordie


A theory suggesting that we adjust our speech to 'accomodate' the person we are addressing 


A word formed from the initial letters of other words e.g. radar, sos 

Active Voice 

When the subject of a verb is the agent performing the action e.g. 'the police caught the burglar' 

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Adjacency Pair 

Two part exchange following a predictable pattern and found in conversation e.g question followed by an answer 


A word that can be used to describe a noun 


A word that tells us more about a verb, adverb or adjective 


A word or group of words working as an adverb, usually giving information about time, place or manner 

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A group of letters forming part of a word, usually a prefix or suffix 


When two or more words begin with the same sound 


A change in the meaning of a word that gives the word a meaning that is more positive

Anaphoric Reference 

A word or expansion in a text that refers back to another part of the text 


A word that is opposite in meaning to another word 

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Asyndetic Listing 

Listing which does not involve the use of conjunctions 

Auxiliary Verb

A verb placed in front of a main verb e.g. is, have, can

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