English - CLA - phonology

This is showing a timeline of the phonology of child language aquasition and its four sections

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Crying  -->        cooing -->          babbling -->        proto words -->        full words

0 - 4 months      4 - 7 months       6 - 12 months     12 months         12 months -->

sounds of          comfort sounds   extended sounds   word like          Start to form

discomfort, or     and vocal play    - resembling like   vocalisations   understandable

reflexive action.                             sequences and                          english grammar

                                                     repeated sounds  

Crying                 Squeals             "baba"                  "mama"              "mummy"

Burping               Laughing            "agu*                    "dada"               "Daddy"

Sucking              Growls

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Good content, but perhaps the formatting could be different? It's quite difficult to read... just a thought.


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