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english speach

On 7 November 2000 at 9:33 am 

gang had been planning the raid for months

The gang had modified a JCB  digger

 target was the de beers millennium star 

 smashed through a  reinforced concrete pillar

drove in to the dome 

Robert Adams, Ray Betson and William Cockram 

nial gun, sledge hammer 

200 oficers

under servalince 5 months  the raid was over in 10 seconds

rob said 12 inces away form payday 

rob ray 18 will 15


why did russia want them 

none of the gand had gon to russia

unlikeely to sell in th uk

"possibly there was a Russian connection, and that was where the diamonds were going to go"

"My own belief was that there were other people involved"

someone had to be financing them 

the diamons were fake  

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