english play revsion

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inspector calls charecters

mr birling

mrs birling

eric  birling

sheila birling

inspector goole

eva smith

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authur birling

Authur Birling

In the play he is the key catlist as he starts a key chain of events after fireing eva smith from the works this is the main start to the plot wich then leads to the death of eva smiths death and this then leads to the inspector being called to the house.

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mrs birling

mrs birling is one of the key charecters in the play as she turns down eva smith and refuses to give her support beacuse she is actually not a very nice person and she thinks she is actually a nice person and she blieves that she is doing the right thing but we also learn in the play that she turns down eva smith welfare claim

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sheila birling

sheila birling 

sheila is key part in the play as she gets eva smith fierd from her job at the dress shop as sbe giggles at the wrong moment

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Eric Birling

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