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Word formed from the initial letter of a multi-word name like CLIC.

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Active Voice

A grammatical structure in which the subject is the actor of the sentence.

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A pair or two utterances that follow on from one another in a logical sequence, like Q&A.

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A morpheme which is attached to other words to create new words (un – child – like) or to mark a grammatical relationship (go – ing).

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A famous reference.

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The term used to describe a word phrase, clause or sentence with multiple meanings.

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Cataphoric Referencing

A form of referencing in which a pronoun or noun phrase points forwards to something mentioned later in a discourse. (It was a lovely day, a day to remember).

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A term used to describe determiners or pronouns that distinguish one item from another (this/that, these/those).

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A lexical item which specifies the number and definiteness of a noun (the, a, some).

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Any use of spoken or written language that is longer than a sentence.

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Filled pause

A voice hesitation.

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Grice’s Maxims

A series of rules for conversation;





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The relationship between words where the meaning of one form is included in the meaning of another (tree – oak, ash, beech; drink – wine, coffee, water). The inclusive term (tree, drink) is called the super ordinate.

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An expression in which the meaning of the whole conveys more than the meaning of the parts.

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