Employment law, ACAS, dismissal and termination of employment

unfinished laws and dismissal rules related with employment

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ACAS and trade unions

ACAS stands for advisory conciliation and arbitration service .

it is aimed to give impartial advice and support to employees and managers on industrial relation issues . 

Acas attempts to resolve dispute issues between employees and managers on employment laws before they come to court

Trade unions: an employee has the right to belong to a trade union if they do or do not want to. Employers will meet with union representatives and negotiate members pays and conditions of work. Unions are to inform managers early if they want to strike 

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Recruitment laws- disability, sex and race act

The Disability discrimination act: states that there should be no discrimination against disabled and a business will break the law if it fails to employ someone on these grounds. The act also states that facilities must be provided for products and services so they can be used by disabled 

Sex discrimination act: states it is illegal to discriminate against anyone on the grounds of sex unless there are necessary rules ie male staff in male changin rooms. 

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Employment laws at work

Healthandsafety at work: taking account of issues and hazars ie repetitive strain injury and minimal accidents. Safety risks and risk asesssments must be done to check. Breaching or not complying with thd law can cause disputes where it us raken to court and business may have to oay compensation , 

Health Act: workplaces in England are now non smoking or smoking free envoironments. 

Equal pay act: prevents discrimination of pay. e.g some employees may get better pay than others with the same amount of work. many cases show women get less pay than men. 

Minimum wage act: minimum levels of pay for employees aged 16 or over 

Age Descrimination: gives employees protection on the ground of agewhen recruiting promoting etc. Also cannot be forced to retire at 65

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More Employment laws at work

Equality policies: ensures fair and consistent treatment of all employees so they are not discriminated 

Maternity and paternity:the family act :entitlement to 6 months paid maternity leav and fathers are entitled to 2 weeks leave off work with full pay. 

Data protection act 1984:  all data must only be kept for intended reasons and individuals have the right to access thier own data. Data cannot be passed on to a third party without consent.

EU working time directive: aimed at reducing long working hours 

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Termination of employment

Redundancy is when the job no longer exists and employee is surplus. Redundant employees receive a redundancy payment 

Unfair Dismissal is when an employee is dismissed without a valid reason or employer doesn't follow procedures. 

dismissal reasons are latness, absenteeism, gross misconduct capability incapacity and redundancy

Employment tribunaks are a part of the court dealing with employment law e.g. unfiar dismissal and discrimination. 

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