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People and Organisations
Trade Unions and Employment Law
Trade Unions
A Trade Union is an organisation, which employees join to gain greater power and
security at work. Collective bargaining is more effective than individual bargaining.

Trade Union Numbers and Memberships
Mergers between unions have resulted in a smaller number of…

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Decline in Trade Union Power
Declining memberships and falling numbers of unions have occurred steadily. One result
is that today's unions are more general and represent a wider range of skills.

There are a number of causes for a decline in trade unions. For example acts of
parliaments that have…

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2. Non-binding arbitration involves a neutral third party making an award to settle
a dispute that the parties concerned can accept or not.
2. Binding arbitration means that the parties to the dispute have to take the
award of the arbitrator.
2. Pendulum arbitration is a binding form of arbitration…

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Providing impartial information and advice on employment matters topics such as
reducing absenteeism, employee sickness and payment systems
Improving the understanding of industrial relations

ACAS's initial role was mainly the resolution of industrial disputes, but more recently
had focused on improving business practices to reduce the possibility of industrial

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Employment Act, 1982
This act increase the support needed for closed shops to 85%. It also made trade
unions liable for damages if the union supported illegal industrial action.
Trade Union Act, 1984
This legislation made a secret ballot of employees a legal requirement before
industrial action was lawful.

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afford to respond in the appropriate manner. Larger firms have expert human resource
specialists and are more likely to be geared up for change, they may also be able to
afford specialist employment lawyers to advise them on avoiding some of the effects of
a new piece of employment legislation.…


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