Elections and voting,

A brief description of pesidential elections and how they work.

A brief description of congressional elections.

Brief description of propositions, initiatives and recall elections.

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Presidential Elections

America has fixed-term elections that occur every 4 years

Constitutional Requirement in order to be a president:

-One must be natural-bron American citizen

- One must be atleast 35 years old. The youngest ever president was Theodore Roosevelt, who was just 42 when he became president following the assassiantion of President Willian McKinley 1901. The youngest ever elected president was John Kennedy who was 43.

- There is a residency qualitfication of 14 years.

- Is  some one is serious becoming a candidate there must be  from one of the two major parties-Republicans and Democrats.

-The candidate need to appeal to the voters with their personality and image for example as a speaker and images . The media these days show how the candidates look and show themselves. As a result the voters tends to support the candidates that have a good image rather judge the candidates on their policies.

- For a candidate to increase their chances of winning the election role of money in essential. The candidate needs to fundraise alot of money to be able to campaign around the USA and gain support. They need to have organisation  to help with their campaign.


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Invisible Primary

Invisible Primary- The period between candidates declaring an intention to run for the presidency and the first contests of the primary season. The invisible primary is said to be critically important for a candidate to gain name recongnition and money and to put togather the necessary organisation. There if often a high correlation between who wins the presidential nomination , thought not in 2007-2008.

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