Effects of exercise

on the respiratory system

on the cardiovascular system

on the bone joints and muscles


Effects on the respiratory system

Immediate effects

- Increased Rate of breathing

- increase in tidal volume

Regular training

-strength of the diaphragm and inter costal muslce

- increased number of alveoli

- increase in vital capacity

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Effects on the cardiovascular system


- increased heart rate and stroke volume

- blood delivered to muscles from digestion and other systems

- blood temperature rises

- Blood vessels near skin open to allow heat to be lost

Regular training

- Heart muscle increases in size and strength

- cardiac output increases

- lowers resting heart rate and quicker recovery rate

- reduced risk of heart disease

- increased number of cappilaries in muscle

- increased volume of blood and red blood cells

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Effects on the bones joints and muscles


- muscle contraction

- increased blood flow to muscles

- Rise in muscle temperature

Regular training

- Increase in bone width and density

- muscles tendons and ligaments get stronger

- joints become more stable

- increased flexibility at joints

- muscles get bigger

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