Enzymes and Respiration


Enzymes and Respiration

Respiration is catalysed by enzymes as this releases energy. the cell needs this enrgy to do its job.

  • Respiration is the process of releasing enrgy from glucose which goes on every cell 

Aerobic Respiration

  • Aerobic respiration is respiration using oxygen
  • Most efficient way to release energy from glucose
  • Happens inside plants and animals
  • Most of the aerobic respiration happens inside the mitochondria

Glucose + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water + ENERGY

Reasons for respiration

  1. To build up larger molecules from smaller ones (proteins from amino acids)
  2. In animals, to allow the ,uscles to contract so they are able to move about
  3. In mammals and birds the energy is used to keep their body temperature steady (warm)
  4. In plants, to build up sugars, nitrates into amino acids, which are then built up into proteins
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