Edward Thomas

Quotes from poems and themes of the Edward Thomas collection

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'the mighty sun wept tears of joy'

'I knew that Spring would come again'

'And to me all was sweet, they could do no wrong'

'half its stars'

'was I aware of silence'

'the sun filled earth and heaven with a great light'

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Old Man

'half decorate, half perplex'

'the herb itself I like not, but for certain I love it'

'that bitter scent'

'i have mislaid the key'

'only an avenue, dark, nameless, without end'

'always in vain'

'what I should, yet never can, remember'

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''rage of gladness'

'stirring and sweet'

'fair-haired and ruddy, in white tunics'

'if tears have ghosts'

'once bore hops'

'strange solitude was there, and silence

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But these things also

'dung in splashes of purest white'

'something to pay Winter's debts'

'starling flocks by chattering on and on keep their spirits up in the mist'

'spring's here, Winter's not gone'

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'raved endlessly'

'if I feared solitude, far more I feared all company'

'I hear a distant cuckoo calling'

'sweeten the strange sweetness'

'what I desired I knew not'

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The Glory

'I fancy fit to dwell in beauty's presence'

'in hope to find whatever it is I seek'

'must I be content with discontent'

'I cannot bite the day to the core'

'sublime vacancy'

'Awhile forgetting how I am fast pent'

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'worn new again and again'

'make me content with some sweetness'

'sweet as our birds to the ear'

'as poets do'

'choose me, you English words'

'precious as gold'

'that we love'

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'the aspens at the cross-roads talk together'

'the whisper of the aspens is not drowned'

'footless road, empty as sky'

'but need not listen, more than to my rhymes'

'we cannot other than an aspen be'

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This is no case of petty right or wrong

'my hate for one fat patriot'

'the phoenix broods serene above their ken'

'best and meanest Englishmen'

'I hate not Germans'

'My hatred of the Kaiser is love true'

'England beautiful'

'two witches'

'I have not to choose between the two'

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'remembering again that I shall die'

'for washing me cleaner'

'solitary, listening to the rain'

'Myriads of broken reeds all still and stiff'


'bleak hut'


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No One So Much As You


'that I could not return'

'a pine in solitude, cradling a dove'

'my eyes scarce dare meet you'

'not a word can I bear spoken against you'

'we cannot speak except in trifles'

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The Sun Used To Shine

'rumours of the war remote'

'apple wasps had undermined'

'which soldiers in the east afar'

'fallen apples'

'silences like memory's sand'

'other men through other flowers'

'in those fields under the same moon'

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As the team's head brass

'fallen elm'

'if I could only come back again'

'back in March'

'topple over'

'in France they killed him'

'Everything would have been different'

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Gone, Gone Again

'the empty quays, the river flows'

'to turn young men to dung'

'only I am not dead'

'Blenheim oranges fall grubby from the trees'

'dark and untenanted'

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Lights Out

'love ends, despair, ambition ends'

'they cannot choose'

'I must enter and leave alone'

'It's silence I hear and obey'

'unfathomable deep'

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