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Mans Inhumanity to Man


1) "What filled his mouth was decomposing human flesh" - Regeneration 

2) "Hardly looked like a human being at all" - Regeneration

3) "Innocently slay one another" - All Quiet on the Western Front

4) Bullets fall like rain on the faces of the dead" - Return of the Soldier


5) "Only seven left alive. Out of nearly seven hundred" - Accrington Pals

6) "Blood all over the place" - Oh! What a Lovely War


7) "Trampling the terrible corpses" - Glory of the Women, Siegfried Sassoon

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Realities of War


1) "Exploration of how far men can be degraded" - Birdsong

2) "This is half of England" (men dying in battle) - Birdsong

3) "Grey muttering faces clambering up the ladders to face the guns" - Regeneration


4) "Bloody slaughter" - Accrington Pals 

5) "Shot or blown to bits, but not drowned" - Accrington Pals

6) "Nothing worse than dirt in your tea" - Journeys End

7) "I'd rather die here" - Journeys End

8) "Neuralgia's a splendid idea" - Journeys End

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Realities of War #2

9) "Not about heroes" - Not About Heroes


10) What passing bells for those who die as cattle" - Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen

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Physical/Mental/Spiritual Consequences


1) "Expressionless, exhausted eyes" - Birdsong

2) "He never really recovered" - Regeneration

3) "The war has ruined us for everything" - All Quiet on the Western Front

4) "A matter of...erosion." - Regeneration


5) "No limit to what a man can bear" - Journey's End

6) "Corridors echoed as they relived the war in their dreams" - Not All About Heroes


7) "You'll not find a chap who's served that hasn't found some change" - They by Siegfried Sassoon

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1) "I will not let this shake my faith" - Birdsong 

2) "There is a God. There is a purpose to it all." - Birdsong


3) "The ways of God are strange" - They by Siegfried Sassoon

4) "You worship decorations" - Glory of Women by Siegfriend Sassoon

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1) "Everyone of the men we've killed is someones son" - Birdsong

2) " I know nothing of life but despair, death, fear" - All Quiet on the Western Front

3) "No uniform was ever made to these childish measurements" - All Quiet on the Western Front


4) "Smiling they wrote his lie: aged nineteen" - Disabled by Wilfred Owen

5) "The hell where youth and laughter go" - Suicide in the Trenches by Siegfriend Sassoon 

6) "Their sons, they gave, their immorality" - The Dead by Rupert Brooke

7) "Never such innocence again" MCMXIV by Philip Larkin

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Role of Women/The Home Front


1) "No-one in England knows what this is like" - Birdsong

2) "She said, 'It is very difficult. The war" - Birdsong

3) "One's parents were ready with the word 'cowards'" - All Quiet on the Western Front

4) "Your mothers are just as anxious as ours" - All Quiet on the Western Front


5) "I couldn't love a man who stayed at home" - Accrington Pals


6) "Women's days were spent in ignorant goodwill" - Easter 1916 by W.B Yates

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1) "Did not believe that there was a purpose to the war" - Birdsong


2) "I hate not Germans" - There is No Case of Petty Right and Wrong by Edward Thomas

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1) "We are fighting for our country" - Birdsong


2) "They'll know you fought for your country" - Does it Matter? by Siegfried Sassoon

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