Eco Tourism - Kigo Wildlife Camp, Kenya

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Kigio Wildlife Camp,Kenya

Malewa Wildlife Lodge and Kigio Wildlife Camp

Savannah grassland ecosystem

Many types of animals , big 5: Lion,Leopard,Elephant,Rhino,Buffalo.

Eco tourism:

  • Solar power
  • Recycled waste
  • Water pumped by hydropower 
  • Eco-bricks

Help local people with schools, clinics and local enterprise.

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Eco Tourism

Eco Tourism

Benefits of Eco Tourism


  • Locals encouraged to conserve environment
  • Reduce fossil fuels
  • Waste is disposed carefully
  • Reduces poaching/hunting 


  • Jobs for locals eg guides
  • Make money by selling crafts/growing food for hotels

Local People  - more stable incomes,finds local community projects

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Key Words


  • responsibility for looking after things,eg environment 


  • Management of resources to maintain the environment 

Sustainable Development 

  • Development that doesn't damage the future 

Eco Tourism 

  • Tourism that focuses on protecting. The environment and local and the local way of life (often now called responsible tourism)
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