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What are the methods of administering drugs?

  • orally
  • inhaling
  • anally
  • injection
  • cream
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how do you classify drugs?

disorder- drugs are grouped according to the disorder they treat.

chemicals-   drugs are grouped according to their chemical composition

bodily effects-drugs are grouped according to the effects they have on the body

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How are drugs named?

brand name - manufacturers name

generic name - the name of the family of drugs

chemical name -  the chemical composition of the drug

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what are drugs tested for?


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Pescription only?

perscription only drugs must be taken under medical supervision, a perscription is needed from a GP.

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Over the counter?

over the counter drugs can be bought without a perscription, they are considered safe to use without medical supervision.

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what is local anaethetic?

local anaethetic involves numbing only one area of the body using a type of medication called lacal anaesthetic

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what is general anaesthetic

this is a state on controlled unconciousness, during a general anaethetic medications are used to send you to sleep so you are unaware of surgery

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What is the difference between local and general a

local anaesthetic doesnt cause you to loose conciousness, this means they are safer and dont require preperation

general anaesthetic is used for long and larger procedures.

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