AQA Unit 15, health and social care, Multiple sclerosis

AQA Unit 15, health and social care, Multiple sclerosis

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  • Multiple sclerosis
    • Description
      • A disease that affects nerves in the brain and spinal cord. Causes problems with vision and balance.
    • Signs and symptoms
      • Facial pain, weakness in limbs, tremors, anxiety, cognitive problems bladder and bowel problems. Fatigue.
    • Cause
      • No specific cause. Suspected- genes, environment, bacteria or virus triggers a reaction which causes the immune system to attack itself
    • Progression
      • Varies. Gradual. Remissions can be long initally, More common in females than males. Usually affects those around 30-45.
    • Physical and psychological effects
      • Unique combo of physical symptoms, Reduced mobility, depression.
    • Main treatments
      • Drugs that reduce relapses, drugs that will ease systems, physio, O.T, stem cell treatment


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