Dr Jekyll and My Hyde

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Duality and the quotes to match the point.

  • Jekyll turns into Hyde, quite frequently but eventually Hyde takes over and make Jekyll the weaker man. Jekyll has two personalities. "I can be rid of Mr Hyde", "they saw it but for a glimpse...but that glimpse had been sufficient"
  • The detailed descriptions of the two sides of Uttersons character. "never lighted by a smile", "somehow loveable", "lean, long, dusty and dreary", "his affections, like ivy"
  • London street and Hyde's door.
  • Utterson and Enfiled are opposites. "It was a nut to crack for many, what these two could see in each other, or what subject they could find in common"
  • Jekyll and Lanyons scientific beliefs. "such unscientific balderdash would have enstranged Damon and Pythias"
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Jekyll's house versus the lab - physical representation of his 2 personalities.
  • Different language for Jekyll and Hyde.
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  • Jekyll and Hyde's fear of public scandal.
  • Hydes housekeeper has the veneer of politness, but is actually 'evil' and enjoys Hydes misfortune. "she had an evil face, smoothed by hypocrisy"
  • Police officer says it is awful about Danvers Carew murder, however inside he feels it is a great oppurtunity for a promotion. "the officer declared himself delighted"
  • Uttersons great effort to hide wrongs in his life, present an outside appearance of morality (same applies with Jekyll)
  • everyones reactions to hyde: repulsed by him, but reflects the evil in all of us. "desire to kill him"
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  • Utterson wont drink wine or go to the theatre, for fear of becoming addicted and losing control. "he was austere with himself" "though he enjoyed the theatre, had not crossed the doors of one for twenty years"
  • Class suppression: the expectation that Jekylls servants will accept Hyde. "'We have all orders to obey him'"
  • Suppression of the beast in man (hyde represents this -- described as ape-like/troglydte) will lead to outbursts of violence. "ape-like fury".
  • Stevenson uses this novella to explore what he believes is the danger of repression and supression in victorian society. This novella acts as a warning.  
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Secrecy and Control

  • Jekyll keeps Hyde secret, he is ashamed of him. "I fear he was rude"
  • Jekyll secret experiments "such unscientific balderdash"
  • Lanyon's secret is kept until Jekyll has died. Lanyon knows that Jekyll is Hyde. "What he told me in the next hour I cannot bring my mind to put on paper"
  • Locked doors and closed doors.
  • Sealed letters
  • Utterson's safe "he opened his safe"
  • Bars on windows
  • Broken keys and locked doors in Jekyll's lab
  • Stevenson uses night, symbolism of night promotes secrecy. "about three o' clock of a black winter morning"
  • Imposed self control of Utterson. "He was austere with himself"
  • Hyde controls Jekyll and Jekyll controls Hyde. "The moment I choose, I can be rid of Mr Hyde"
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