character analysis of Dr Lanyon

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  • Dr Hastie Lanyon
    • stubborn
      • This shows that Dr Lanyon is stubborn, as he refuses to acknowledge Dr Jekyll's name.
      • "I am quite done with that person."
      • The fact that he is saying he is 'done with that person' shows that Lanyon doesn't forgive easily.
      • Dr Lanyon is stubborn as he will not forget or forgive Dr Jekyll for his experiments with Mr Hyde.
    • outspoken
      • "Scientific balderdash."
      • Dr Lanyon describes Dr Jekyll's experiments as 'scientific balderdash', claiming that Jekyll's experiments are ridiculous and not the 'correct' science.
      • This shows that Dr Lanyon doesn't agree with Jekyll's experiments or 'believe' in them, as he calls them 'balderdash'.


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