Jekyll and Hyde Plotline


Chapter 1 - Story of the Door

  • Introduced to Mr Utterson, lawyer and friend of Jekyll. He is a fair and kind person.
  • Also introduced to Mr Enfield.
  • Mr Enfield tells Mr Utterson about Mr Hyde.
  • Mr Hyde trampled a small girl.
  • Pays off the girls family as to not cause a scandal, with a cheque signed by Dr Jekyll.
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Chapter 2 - Search for Mr Hyde

  • Mr Utterson looks at Dr Jekyll's will.
  • All possesions are to be left to Mr Hyde.
  • Uttertson goes to see Dr Lanyon.
  • Dr Lanyon and Dr Jekyll disagreed over science.
  • "If he shall be Mr Hyde, I shall be Mr Seek"
  • Utterson stakesout the door and eventually meets Mr Hyde.
  • Mr Utterson goes to Dr Jekyll's house, he is not in so he speaks to, Poole, his butler.
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Chapter 3 - Dr Jekyll Was Quite At Ease

  • 2 weeks after 'Search for Mr Hyde'
  • Dr Jekyll has a dinner party
  • Mr Utterson stays behind and speaks to Jekyll about the will.
  • Jekyll insists he is in control.
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Chapter 4 - The Carew Murder Case

  • Maid is at window and sees Mr Hyde kill a man with a stick/club
  • The man is Danvers Carew, a man in a high position.
  • They find half of a cane at the scene.
  • Go to Hyde's house and find the other half.
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Chapter 5 - Incident of the Letter

  • Mr Utterson visits Dr Jekyll in his lab.
  • Dr Jekyll says Hyde will 'Never more be jeard of'.
  • Dr Jekyll has recieved a letter from Hyde and wishes to leave it in Utterson's hands.
  • Mr Utterson shows the letter to his work friend.
  • He says Mr Hyde's and Dr Jekyll's handwriting is extremely similar just sloped differently.
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Chapter 6 - Remarkable incident of Dr Lanyon

  • Mr Utterson dines with Dr Jekyll and Dr Lanyon, their friendship appears good again.
  • A few days later Mr Utterson attempts to see Dr Jekyll, but is refused.
  • He tries again the next day but is refused again.
  • Mr Utterson dines with Guest.
  • He also goes to Dr Lanyons.
  • Lanyon is ill. He has also had a shock and fallen out with Jekyll.
  • Mr Utterson writes to Dr Jekyll. He gets a reply from Dr Jekyll telling him to leave him alone.
  • Dr Lanyon dies.
  • Mr Utterson reads a letter given by Dr Lanyon, it also contains a new will. He decides not to read it.
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Chapter 7 - Incident at the Window

  • Mr Utterson goes walking with Mr Enfield.
  • They come across the door again, and see Dr Jekyll through a window. 
  • He is ill and cannot leave the house.
  • He appears shocked and quickly leaves the window in terror.
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Chapter 8 - The Last Night

  • Poole goes to see Mr Utterson, he is afraid.
  • They both go the Dr Jekyll's house.
  • Jekyll had been trying to get hold of some chemicals for an experiment and could not find the correct ones.
  • They break down the door to his cabinet. 
  • Hyde is inside, dead. Jekyll is no where to be found.
  • There are letters left by Dr Jekyll.
  • Utterson goes home to read the letters.
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Chapter 9 - Dr Lanyon's Narrative

  • Dr Lanyon recieves a letter from Dr Jekyll, telling him to retrieve a drawer from his home and take it to his own home.
  • Hyde comes to collect the contents. He goes into Lanyon's home and makes a potion. 
  • Hyde drinks the potion with Lanyon watching.
  • He turns back into Dr Jekyll.
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Chapter 10 - Dr Jekyll's Full Statement

  • Dr Jekyll discovers man has a dual nature.
  • He wanted to do things but couldn't as himself, but could as Mr Hyde.
  • He created a drug that allowed him to change from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde.
  • He told his servants of the house that Hyde would have the same power as him. He thought he was safe as he could change at any time.
  • He began to lose control of Mr Hyde, one night he went to bed as Jekyll and woke as Hyde.
  • He eventually loses control and decides to kill himself.
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