Down's Syndrome


What is it?

  • Genetic condition as a result of an extra chromosome (21)
  • Result of a one-off genetic 'mistake' in the sperm or egg
  • 750 babies in the UK are born each year with Down's Syndrome
  • 60,000 people in the UK have Down's Syndrome
  • Higher risk of giving birth to a baby with DS for women 45 and older (about 1 in 50)
  • Life expectancy 50-60 years but with health improvements some live into their 70s
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  • Varying levels of learning disabilities 
  • Flattened facial features, small head, ear and mouth, protruding tongue, upwards slanting eyes, short neck
  • Medical issues- hearing, visual and heart problems 
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  • No treatment for the condition, but medication for associated medical issues
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