Diseases worldwide impact/importance

Talking about malari, TB and HIV/aids for OCR course and their global impact

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A perfect place for disease

Ill health has economic and social impacts. It costs money to provide treatment, good health care and sanitary living conditions - all to the command of the government. In less economically developed countries, the governments cannot stretch far enough to provide all of the population with a good living standard. These living conditions:
Lack of proper shelter
Cramped living conditions
Distance from medical centres
Inadequate medical centres
Poor hygiene
Lack of education about how diseases are transmitted (safe sex etc)
Lack of purified water
Lack of investment by government

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Malaria is transmitted by a vector. The female anopheles mosquito (you need to know this name) therefore the impact of malaria is restricted to the areas where they survive. A question about malaria may link to the biodiversity topic, eg. How will climate change affect the global impact of malaria?
Global warming could result in previously uninhabitable areas for the mosquito to become inhabitable, taking the disease to areas where there is no preparation (tablets etc)

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HIV is spreading in pandemic proportions. This is due to lack of information about safe sex, spreading through dirty infected needles and from mother to fetus. Often in LEDC's a diagnosis is too far away to consider. Suggestions to stop the spread include screening programmes to show those at risk and those infected. This in turn will raise awareness of the disease. Specialised healthcare Is needed in certain areas to provide treatment and preventive tactics. Research is going into finding cures.

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